2014 Harvest Report

2014 Harvest Report

Pea quality good/beans yield well

Yields on pea crops this year have been disappointing down on previous years. This seems to have affected all varieties.

Quality on Sakura has again however been exceptional with good colour retention, low cracked seed coats and good soaking and cooking.

Contracts for 2015 were quickly booked up following the greening CAP announcement in mid June. Seed supply is one of the limiting factors.

Winter Bean crops have yielded very well, Wizard has had one of its best years with many crops yielding at least 5t/Ha and many more achieving close to 6t/Ha.

Some winter beans trials have yielded over 8t/Ha, something we haven’t seen before. This is due to the cool wet weather at flowering time which reduced the pressure on pod set at this time.

2014 Harvest ReportThe new variety Honey has yielded exceptionally well in seed crop production (5.5t/Ha) and in our plant density trials where it was top yielding variety in the highest density sown.

Buzz, our feed bean variety has also had another good season, its straw is taller but stiffer than that of Arthur.

Spring beans have yielded well, however bruchid levels are varying geographically.

We expect plantings of winter beans to rise by around 30/40% with spring bean planting likely to increase also by a similar amount or possibly more.

Even with these projected increases we do not envisage that we will get back to the total bean area of 2007, so there is a way to go yet before we start to enter the unknown.