UK Pulses in Demand

2015 Crop Plantings

Pulse crop plantings for 2015 have largely been driven by CAP Greening reforms. We have seen the Winter planting area rise to around 50,000Ha (from 35,000Ha) and spring beans to around 120,000Ha (from 80,000Ha), resulting in total production equal to that of 2008. This is obviously a large increase but not a total production that we haven’t handled previously.

Pea production area has increased by around 5-10%, we do advise growers to look for a forward contract on peas, this helps secure continuity throughout the supply chain for all parties.


We are buyers of UK grown Peas and Beans from harvest 2015, either directly or through your normal supply chain. If you have crops to market then we would be pleased to receive your samples.

We are always interested in seeing any non contract marrowfat peas or green peas ideally with good colour. The same goes for good quality Spring or Winter beans - we will be happy to value your produce.

Harvest good quality

Increased crop size will mean that quality will be key to successful marketing of produce.

Beans with a good even size, low staining and importantly low bruchid contamination should command favourable prices.

Marrowfat peas should be harvested to achieve the best colour possible, sometimes this will involve breaking away from the Wheat harvest, delays in harvesting peas should be carefully considered.

Conditioning and Storage

Care should be taken when harvesting large seeded pulses such as peas and beans. If moisture levels are very low then growers should take care with combining to avoid excessive seed cracking.

Marrowfat peas will benefit from being harvested at higher moisture levels (up to aprox 23%) to preserve good colour, followed by careful moisture removal down to 14-15% MC. Beans generally should be harvested and stored at around 15% or less.

Where moisture levels are very high then moisture should be reduced using heat followed by cool air for a similar time period, this may then take two passes through the system to achieve the required end moisture content.

PJS - June 2015