Wizard Beans

Vicia faba / Faba beans / Horse beans / Foul medames

The introduction of the winter variety WIZARD has enabled new markets to be supplied from UK sourced material. A major new development has been the use of WIZARD in the export whole bean market. Its large grain size and pale skin has increased its popularity with end users – to such an extent that they are now asking for WIZARD by name.

This type of bean forms an important part of the diet in many countries either canned or purchased by the end consumer dry and then pre soaked before cooking.

Crops are sown in the Autumn and harvested the following Aug/Sept. The advantages for UK growers is that WIZARD offers adaptability to a wide range of soil types and can be sown anytime between October and December.

Please contact us for more details on the supply of Wizard Beans.

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General Specification Moisture: max 15%
Bruchid: max 1%
Please contact us for full specification details.

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