Quality Assurance

labWe have a thorough Quality control scheme in place for all production in our factory which is backed up by a fully integrated quality assurance programme.

Constant checks are made on all products with a watchful eye over production at all times whilst comparing to the various customer specifications that we have in place.

Quality Policy Statement

Wherry & Sons Ltd and it’s employees main aim is to ensure that the product we offer and sell are the level of quality expected by our customers. This is achieved through efficient and cost effective working practices throughout all aspects of our business and continued investment in the latest pulse cleaning technology.

Our quality standards comply with all relevant legislation. Staff have suitable training and experience to ensure that our customers pecification and expectations are met.

Our customer wants:

  • Product that is wholesome and safe, free from contaminants etc.
  • Product that is consistent and meets an agreed specification
  • To be confident that our process and procedures will achieve this and that action will be taken when deviation occurs.
  • Product that is well presented i.e. label print quality, pallets stacked safely.
  • Product that is despatch on time and in a way so as not to be damaged in transit.

Employees are responsible for ensuring that:

  • They only carry out tasks for which they are trained and/or instructed in.
  • They make management aware of any problems, which may affect product quality.
  • They adhere to personal hygiene procedure.
  • They do not, by any action affect the quality of the product.
  • They forward any quality improvement ideas to management

We also work to the following procedures and policies

  • Hygiene Policy
  • Hygiene Procedure for Sub-Contractors
  • Pest Control Policy
  • Pesticide Residue & Microbiological Policy
  • Genetically Modified Produce Policy
  • Crisis Management Policy
  • Safety at Work
  • Customer Complaints & Product Recall Policy
  • Glass & Brittle Plastic Policy
  • Health & Safety Policy for Sub Contractors

For further details on our product specifications please contact us today.