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Our mission is to satisfy the food chain with wholesome dried pulse products, produced to a high quality with a specific focus on market and customer demand. We strive to ensure prices remain competitive and supplies are not unduly affected by market fluctuations. Also we strive to nurture the trading with our customers and to take that relationship forward as a partnership which can then be developed to the mutual benefit of both parties.

Products are supplied to UK customers for the packeting, canning, fish frying trade and for cash and carry outlets. We offer a comprehensive delivery service to almost anywhere in the UK, minimum delivery size 2 tonnes.

Our products are exported to many different destinations around the world, too many to mention individually. We have a loyal and trusting relationship with our customers be they from the Far East /Asiatic regions, North African or Mainland European countries.

We welcome enquires from any of these areas or obviously elsewhere and assure our current customers that existing agreements will be treated with discretion throughout.

Plant Breeding and Seed

IMG 0168Many years of experience in marketing Pulses were complemented by the acquisition and subsequent development of a Winter Bean plant breeding portfolio, this now includes all the current commercial varieties being grown in the UK.

Progressively the varieties; Banner, Bourdon, Punch, Striker, Target, Clipper, Silver, Griffin, Wizard, Arthur and Sultan have been successfully introduced to UK growers and end users. As they were introduced into the market each variety has offered agronomic and yield improvements to growers on an on going basis.

Wherry & Sons Ltd have committed themselves by continuing the breeding, selection and marketing of new varieties which not only offer better agronomics and higher yields but also other attributes as well as more market options.

As a company that purely specialises in Pulse production for Seed and Human Consumption Wherry & Sons Ltd are uniquely placed in the market with full traceability from the initial plant breeding crosses, right through to supply into the food chain. Our closeness to the market enables us to evaluate the needs of users and consumers, therefore focusing the direction of our programme in a practical and commercial manner.

discussion harvester
Growers discussing new varieties Winter bean trials being harvested

Our programme uses traditional breeding methods to create the varieties which are popular today. High grade maintenance of existing and established lines is carried out using a unique production method which requires highly skilled intensive labour. The resultant produce enables us to market new lines with the confidence that the performance, purity and vigour at the point of market introduction is of the highest quality.