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A rich history dating back to 1806

Discover our Proud History

Wherry & Sons Ltd first opened their doors in 1806 and have remained opened throughout.

Wherry & Sons Ltd was founded by Edward Wherry in 1806. It has been based in or around the Lincolnshire market town of Bourne ever since, and for more than two hundred years the business has been run by the Wherry family.

For the majority of that time the business has been linked with British agriculture and, whilst many firms in the same industry have disappeared, Wherry & Sons has not just survived; today, under Managing Director Dan Wherry, the seventh generation of the family to be involved, Wherry & Sons is a worldwide business.

The Family Business

Our core values have remained the same since 1806, focusing on relationships, including strategic partnerships and quality of both service and product.

Dan is the 7th generation of Wherry to head up the business, and one of our aims is to keep the business successful for the next generation and beyond.

A book has been written about the history of Wherry & Sons Ltd by James Wherry and Nigel Watson. A digital copy of the book is available by emailing us. Nigel’s website is available here.

Core Values

Wherry & Sons pride themselves on having a longstanding history and the core values that helped us found our company are still true today:

  • RHonesty and integrity
  • RTrustworthiness
  • RExcellent Service
  • RHigh Quality Goods
  • RRespect for one another
  • REmpowerment
  • RAccountability


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