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Marrowfat Peas

The traditional “mushy pea”. Also used for snacks like pea-crisps and Wasabi Peas.


Used predominantly for Falafel and Hummus. From a range of countries around the world.

Whole Faba Beans

Used to make the national dish of Egypt, Ful Medames. Consumed across the middle east as one of their staple food ingredients.

Green / Blue Peas

More widely grown than Marrowfats, used for a range of markets, including Canning, Pet Food and soups.


Sold for bakery, crushing (oil production), manufacturing for Tahini or Halva.

Maple Peas

Used by pigeon fanciers, exported to the far east and also used for sprouting.

Yellow Peas

Mostly used for Soups and Stews or ground for ethnic flours. Most commonly consumed in Northern Europe and Southern Asia.

Green Split Peas

A great source of protein and fibre. Great for soup and help produce a thick and hearty broth.


Commonly used for bird food or human consumption.

Split Faba Beans

Used for Hummus, Falafel, soups, stews and curries. The longer they are cooked the softer they become.

Pearl Barley

Traditional barley with the skin removed to make it more digestible. Used most commonly in broth mix.

Yellow Split Peas

Mostly used for cooking and making flour, including ethnic dishes. Also used to make Pease pudding.

Dark Red Kidney Beans

A staple of English chillis. Mostly sold as canned to the public or for business to business, frozen.


An annual herb, mostly commonly used to spice food, especially soups, curries or as seasoning.

Split Chickpeas (Chana Dal)

Chana dal – used for a range of recipes, but most commonly for Dal and ethnic recipes.


Grown in Africa and typically used for Birdfood. Enjoyed by most birds and easily digestible with it’s small size.


Used for cooking or for spouting, traditionally for ethnic foods and bean sprouts.


Used for “Mexican” style food – most commonly consumed in the southern states of the USA and into Mexico.

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Wherry & Sons Ltd first opened their doors in 1806 and have remained opened throughout. Our core values have remained the same, focussing on relationships, including strategic partnerships and quality; of both service and product.


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